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Anti Aging Firming & Smoothing Eye Cream & Eye Serum Duo

Anti Aging Firming & Smoothing Eye Cream & Eye Serum Duo

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A gentle cream developed to treat and protect the very delicate skin around your eyes, this cream combats wrinkles, firms skin, and helps to brighten the eye area. The revolutionary formula balances the appearance of the eye's contour while assisting in protection from harmful UVA UVB rays. Alone, the cream provides excellent hydration when combined with the Eye Serum, results are more exceptional, and the cream helps to rebuild and repair skin of tired-looking eyes.

The Premier eye serum is a structured eye serum formulated with calming components that assist the skin in repairing itself and preventing future signs of aging. The delicate, thin skin around the eyes is particularly prone to creases, wrinkles, and sagging, which means it requires special attention and care. After all, the eyes are one of the most active and visible parts of the body, and where people tend to focus their gaze during face-to-face interactions. This essential eye serum delivers a powerful dose of essential minerals and nutrients to restore firmness to the skin and reduce the appears of fine lines and wrinkles.

Wrinkles and fine lines fade away with continuous use
Soothes puffy skin & Balances the eye contour area
Protects the eye area from harmful UVA & UVB rays
Perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive, dry, and allergy-prone skin.
Designed to immediately melt into your skin, leaving it feeling dehydrated and supremely soft without any tackiness.
TESTED - hypoallergenic tested, suitable for sensitive skin tested, dermatologist tested.


Eye Cream: Apply the eye cream in the morning to protect the skin and in the evening to keep it balanced. Use your ring finger to take a pea-sized amount of the cream and tap it along the contour of your eye area and gently smooth it along to spread it evenly across the contour and under-eye area.

Eye Serum: To apply our eye serum, remove any makeup or grime away from the eye area and put two drops of the serum on the tip of a finger. Gently tap the serum under the eyes, to ensure best results, apply the serum with your ring finger so you can use the least amount of pressure. For best results, use in conjunction with Premier’s classic eye cream, classic age defying cream, or classic night cream complex.


Eye Cream: Dead Sea Minerals, Avena Sativa Oats, Liposome Complex Vitamin A & E

Eye Serum: Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil


Eye Cream: 35ml / 1.2fl.oz

Eye Serum: 35ml / 1.2fl.oz

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