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Medispores Ultra-Sonic Skin Therapy Device

Medispores Ultra-Sonic Skin Therapy Device

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Description :

Medispores is the ultimate device for the rejuvenation of your skin and is the ideal addition to all anti-aging devices.

The Medispores device is designed to assist minimizing enlarged pores and to maintain them balanced in size.

The ultimate combination between hot and cold vibrations.

The heat mode (red) gradually heats up to 45 degrees Celsius/113 degrees ferenhight assists with opening the pores, while allowing products penetrate into the skin.

The red light will assist removing dirt, germs and bacteria that are locked inside the pores.

The cooling mode (blue) will assist closing the pores and to ensure that all the nutrients and minerals of the chosen skin care regimen will stay within the skin.

Either cold or hot, the vibration stimulates the blood circulation, which assists in cell regeneration and leading to a more vivid and rejuvenated skin complexion.

Care Instruction :

  1. Apply a cream onto the treated area
  2. Turn the device on while pressing on the power button on the bottom of the device.
  3. Select the red mode (heat) and gently massage the cream into the skin. You will feel the device is gradually heating up.
  4. After completing the treatment, switch the mode to the blue mode (cold) for approximately 5 more minutes

Brand : Kimera

Country Of Origin: South Korea

Units Per Master Carton : 48

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