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Supreme Advanced Botu Cream, Serum, & Mask Treatment Set

Supreme Advanced Botu Cream, Serum, & Mask Treatment Set

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The Advanced BOTO Age Defying Essential Kit is exactly what you need to look marvelous and young! The most effective alternative to invasive facial procedures. With innovative formulas, regenerative properties, and uplifting qualities, Advanced BOTO lifts skin, fills wrinkles, plumps creases, and erases discoloration. Everyone will wonder if you had any work done, and youll be able to say that its better than Botox!

Set Includes: Age Defying Cream, Age Defying Serum, Age Defying Mask

Product Benefits:
- The Dead Sea is a miraculous source offering endless profound powers which lie in the heart of this skincare.
- Imparting the full benefits of our original formula, this precious fortified skincare performs like a professional treatment offering the skin immediate solutions in the ongoing battle against expression marks and wrinkles. -- An immediate action thermal warming and energizing mask treatment featuring a distinct warming phase for an unforgettable experience.
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