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Anti-Aging Youthful Facial Moisturizing Complex Cream & Lifting Eye Cream Duo

Anti-Aging Youthful Facial Moisturizing Complex Cream & Lifting Eye Cream Duo

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A moisturizer formulated for sensitive skin with concerns of skin balance, wrinkles and uneven complexion. Its formula is made with Dead Sea minerals, sweet almond oil, and our liposome complex of vitamin A and E helping to combat free radicals that can result in signs of aging as fine lines and wrinkles. This cream provides nourishment and moisture to your skin, making it appear fresh, balanced, and unified.

A gentle cream developed to treat and protect the very delicate skin around your eyes, this cream combats wrinkles, firms skin, and helps to brighten the eye area. The revolutionary formula balances the appearance of the eye's contour while assisting in protection from harmful UVA UVB rays.

This moisturizer and eye cream duo provides skin with a daily dose of intense hydration that helps vanish the appearance of lines and wrinkles and helps restore moisture for smoother, pumper skin. Yet its lightweight and non-greasy delivering hydration and moisture to all skin types, including sensitive skin and absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky film, for smoother, nourished, younger-looking skin.


Moisturizing Cream: Apply the cream onto your skin after cleansing in soft, circular motions till fully absorbed.

Eye Cream: Apply the eye cream in the morning to protect the skin and in the evening to keep it balanced. Use your ring finger to take a pea-sized amount of the cream and tap it along the contour of your eye area and gently smooth it along to spread it evenly across the contour and under-eye area.


Moisturizing Cream: Dead Sea Minerals, Liposome Complex Vitamin A & E, Sweet Almond Oil

Eye Cream: Dead Sea Minerals, Avena Sativa Oats, Liposome Complex Vitamin A & E


Moisturizing Cream: 60ml / 2.4fl.oz

Eye Cream: 35ml / 1.2fl.oz

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